Long story short, I had never been great, health-wise, ever since my earliest teenage years. Put bluntly, I had too much access to candy and pop, and I took advantage of the fact. Basketball helped to a degree in high school, but I was never going to get much playing time, so I took on team manager roles the last two years.

It was not until the last couple years of college before I finally started turning things around. Having a handful of cleaning jobs, one which was one mile away, helped get me active on top of drinking a LOT of water. However, college ended, and I moved away, and that broke 15 months of a successful pattern and began reversing the 40lbs I had lost at the time.

Many years later, it’s time to turn things back to the better again, and if all goes well, also finally form the habits that will keep the successes going for the rest of my life.

In 2015 I saw some photos of myself at a work event and was like “whoa, things are out of control” and at the time I thought I was actually doing pretty alright.

I have been a regular gym-goer since September of 2015, working with various personal trainers or attending weekly small group classes and have had many ups and downs but still long term positive progress since then.

Then in the summer of 2022, I got my first continuous glucose monitor and started reviewing the numbers and what my body was doing. Since then, I have self diagnosed that I was not metabolically healthy and have done extensive reading and diet tweaking to help with that, and hopefully begin the process of reversing those metabolic symptoms.


This blog is a personal website only, used for me to document my own findings about myself, what is working, what is not working, and my own reflections. This is not a nutritional guide website, I am not a qualified nutritionist nor can I officially give out advice regarding your own health. However, I do hope that anyone reading my content here may consider seeing the results I’m seeing, and talk with their own personal care physician and doctor, to see if they can or should try out similar activities for their own well being.

It’s Michael!

Photo of Michael, with his head tilted to the side.


Weight: 241lbs

Last updated: 2023-12-23


General Information

Gym enrollment date: 2015-09-21

First trainer session: 2015-09-23

Current routine

Small group class: HIIT. Personal training: strength and bodybuilding, 4 times/week

Personal Records

List of personal gym records