InBody Charts

All data provided by similar printouts seen at

Scans by year:
2024: 3, 2023: 16, 2022: 11, 2021: 9, 2020: 11, 2019: 9, 2018: 8, 2017: 10, 2016: 9, 2015: 2

Data Style:

Body Weight

Skeletal Muscle Mass

Percent Body Fat

Dry Lean Mass

Body Fat Mass

Fat Mass Control

The more negative the number, the more they’re recommending to lose. Want to be as close to zero as can be.

Basal Metabolic Rate

The higher the number, the more calories my body will burn even when sedentary.

Visceral Body Fat

Not all body scans had a visceral fat value.

Body Mass Index

Individual body segments

Right arm

Left arm


Right leg

Left leg