Correcting status regarding starting weight.

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I confess I missed a good situation in that I did not record my weight at the very start of things. In response, and going based on guess, I was guestimating that I was in the low 260lb range, and for the ease of math, I was going with 265lbs.

Upon reflection, and reasoning that the amount of weight loss between that and my first MyFitnessPal weight checkin, I feel that claiming 265 is dishonest. Because of this, I am going to move my official “start weight” to my first checkin recorded, which is 257.

This is going to obviously affect the amount of weight lost since starting, which I accept. I weighed in at 245.6lbs this evening, making my total lost 11.4lbs. Nothing to cough at, by any means!

I continue marching onward, moving pound by pound down the scale.

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