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As per the request of my TermiTrainer, Jake, there will be less-frequent weight status updates in the sidebar. He wants me to only check once a week, on Monday morning. This is because throughout a given week, your weight will fluctuate depending on food/water in your body, etc. Checking it daily is essentially micromanaging it.

So here’s to not only making progress, but also much more noticeable gains at a time.

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It’s Michael!

Photo of Michael, with his head tilted to the side.


Weight: 241lbs

Last updated: 2023-12-23


General Information

Gym enrollment date: 2015-09-21

First trainer session: 2015-09-23

Current routine

Small group class: HIIT. Personal training: strength and bodybuilding, 4 times/week

Personal Records

List of personal gym records