Body Fat Percentage Challenge 2020

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One of the things that I’m still liking about Complete Fitness is the fact that they are regularly holding challenges for us athletes. On top of that, it’s not the same challenge every time, they do make sure to change it up just enough to not become mundane each time.

The current 6-week challenge going on is a body fat percentage challenge. If I recall correctly, everyone participating got an InBody scan at the start. Then we take our current weight, and our body fat percentage, and calculate how much of that weight is body fat. Once that number is calculated, we take 15% of that overall pounds. That 15% is what we’re challenged to lose. Whoever does the best in reaching that number, is the “winner” though obviously everyone is a winner in their own right. However, it’s not just based on pounds going down. If you’re adding muscle and it’s providing its own benefits, those details are factored in to how well you did and would affect your chances of “winning”.

The coaches at Complete Fitness are also heavily encouraging tracking all food intake with tools like MyFitnessPal and similar. I am very familiar with this, since I was very active when I first started out. I also fell out of the habit for a long time too. That has improved since as part of the challenge, and hopefully it’ll stick with me for long while after again.

Naturally, as highlighted previously, I do like challenges as they provide a good finite amount of time to try and achieve things. You have start and end date goal. My only complaint is the fact that my shoulder has been acting up lately, enough that I have a recommendation from everyone involved to go to a chiropractor to get it checked out. This is something I’m not disregarding at all, and realistically, I’m due for a checkup on it anyway. It’s been 15 years since I first partially dislocated it, and a checkup is likely needed. Still a bit of a bummer because I’m not necessarily able to go as strong into things as I’d like.

Regardless, I’m giving it what I can when I can, and being particularly more strict in my food consumption is thus far helping out. I don’t know if it’ll reflect in the numbers yet, but I at least feel like I’m slimming down a bit already. Perhaps we’ll be justified if/when we do a progress check.

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