I am the Fitness 1 Percent

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I am spoiled, I am privileged, I am the 1% in regards to fitness. Let me elaborate.

When I documented joining a second gym location back in September, in my mind, I officially joined what I’m calling the “Fitness 1%”. Not only am I still working with a personal trainer 3 times a week at one gym, I’m also participating in 2 classes at a second gym. This will actually soon transition back into 3 as I’m participating in another group challenge.

How does this make me so privileged? If my total costs and math are correct, I am able to afford $600 a month for my personal physical health. That’s just on gym times alone. That doesn’t factor in food costs.

I am also in a position in my life where I can allow and dedicate a cumulative hour a day, 5 days a week to such activities.

Now I know there will be people who rightfully remind that everyone has 24 hours in a given day, and it’s up to each person to choose how they spend that time. However, does absolutely everyone truly have the time, let alone the finances for this? It depends.

Some people really do not have the time because of obligations, including having to be available to take care of immediate family every day, provide for them, prepare hopefully decent food for them, and so on. There are also people who due to unfortunate situations, may have to work two or more jobs every week just to make ends meet. There are people like that, and they’re struggling to get by.

Meanwhile me? I have one, considerably flexible job, that pays me quite well, and no immediate family obligations to worry about. I’m single with no kids.

I am able to afford the services and time to lead a gym going lifestyle, and that puts me in a considerably privileged life.

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