Effects of Intermittent Fasting

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I don’t know if you’ve poked around the site, but I have been graphing my InBody scans and I believe I have every scan included. You can see them at https://krakenfitnesstavern.me/charts/. I got a new scan today and my numbers blew me out of the water. I wanted to highlight the last five scans here, as that range has when I officially started eating keto levels, and then also when I started intermittent fasting.

Metric (measurement)10/08/2210/22/2211/04/2211/19/2212/10/22
Weight (lbs)273.6269.4267.6262.6263.4
Dry Lean Mass (lbs)46.74747.246.549.2
Body Fat Mass (lbs)97.492.891.489.180
Fat Mass Control (lbs to lose)-66.4-61.7-60.4-58.4-47.8
Basal Rate (kcal)20962100209520702166
Skeletal Mass (lbs)98.899.999.298.3103.2
Body Mass Index (kg/m^2)37.136.536.335.635.7
% Body Fat (%)35.634.534.233.930.4

The keto started around October 17th, as per my Look Ma post, and that moved the need a decent amount, but not HUGE.

Things were still progressing in overall good direction throughout November. I avoided issues around Thanksgiving as I didn’t do anything for it (not something I’m bummed about).

Then the Intermittent Fasting, aka IF, kicked in, right around the 15th of November or so. My weight technically went up by almost 1 pound, but its important to know that you can’t look at just the number the scale shows you, you need to look at the composition.

My dry lean mass went up 2.7 pounds, my body fat mass went down 9.1 pounds, my skeletal muscle mass went up a hair shy of 5 pounds. Basal Metabolic rate shot up 96 kcal. For those who don’t know, Basal Metabolic rate is how many calories my body will burn even when sedentary.

Lastly my percent body fat dropped 3.5% and the amount of pounds the scans think I should lose reduced by 10.6 pounds.

I haven’t changed up my gym routine THAT much, but at least temporarily I’m not doing as much resistance training, and more HIIT or group classes.

Simply put, turning on the Intermittent Fasting to my health toolbox has already shown awesome results, and I look forward to more.

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