Life’s the same, I’m gym’ing in Stereo

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Life’s the same I’m moving in stereo
Life’s the same except for my shoes

The Car’s “Moving In Stereo” song.

Ok, the “except for my shoes” part is a stretch. The truth of the matter is, is that earlier today, I signed up for my second, in tandem, gym membership. Specifically I signed up for a 6 week “Fat Loss Challenge” with a local gym named Complete Fitness, here in Sioux Falls earlier today.

I am by no means leaving Anytime Fitness, a location I have been attending for over 3.5 years. I will still be going there for my three days a week with Ned. What I am doing is adding a secondary location, with intent for focus on cardio/HIIT and workouts with a separate trainer named Rachel.

I had started doing some extra classes with her in the last half of summer 2019. Right about when results felt like they were starting to emerge, she moved over to Complete Fitness. A move in which I wish her all the best for her career.

That said, before she left, I requested that she keep me in the loop of offerings at her new position, because I wanted the opportunity to continue working with her, even if in a personally split capacity.

In part, I want to help her get acclimated in her new position, but also I want to be able to contribute to her “portfolio” of sorts for a “success story”. Lastly, I knew that she could help me reach my own fitness goals and hopefully get past what hurdles I felt I had been experiencing. It’s really a win for everyone.

This is why I decided to go “stereo” with gym memberships, at least for a 6 week period. I have already done the initial signup and payment to participate. From my understanding, the 6 week Fall Fat Loss Challenge will include the following:

  • 6 week nutrition curriculum
  • Private Facebook group
  • Individual roadmap
  • 18 personal-ish training sessions
  • Weekly education webinars
  • Professional optional final photo shoot to show your results.

It all starts on Monday, September 30th, 2019. If all goes well, and I’m happy with what I’m seeing come of it, I will continue on with it all. There’s zero crime in dual gym-going, right? As long as you’re aiming for your goals?

Regardless. here’s to hoping this will be the initial step to what I’m presently calling #halloweenPlum2020

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