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We have reached the end of week 3 for the 6 week challenge that I highlighted in my last post. I am sore, I’ve done a lot of work, and I am happy with where I’m at thus far.

InBody results

The challenge isn’t necessarily facilitating inbody tests outside the “before” one that was done on September 30th at Complete Fitness, though I believe we will have an “after” at the end of the 6 weeks. I wanted to keep a check on my own progress anyway, so I stopped by Science Nutrition this morning. I knew I was feeling like I was making positive progress, but I wanted numbers to back up that feeling.

The numbers are backed me up. Particular highlights include a body fat mass drop from 90.6lbs to 87.5lbs, a skeletal muscle mass jump from 101lbs to 103.2lbs, and a percent body fat drop from 33.6% to 32.4%, with an overall weight at 270lbs.

Seeing 270 still irks me slightly but I’m always reminding myself that it’s just a number and composition matters more, especially with the numbers above lending to the notion that I am switching out fat in favor of muscle.

All of my InBody data can be found on the charts page and you can see how it’s changed over time.


Even though the title of the post is focused on the challenge being provided by Complete Fitness, equal credit goes to Ned and our weights training. Both him and I agree that I am getting stronger every week and, toot toot, I’m steadily increasing how much weight I can manage with various machines, including maxing them out for total weight.

I work with him three days a week, typically Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I am filling in the “holes” with time at Complete Fitness. Primarily they have metabolic and semi-private training sessions which brings a group of people together to go through routines. First two weeks had me doing one metabolic and at least one semi-private. For week three this week, I did two metabolic and one semi-private. I believe I am going to stick with that routine for the next three weeks. I want to push myself to get the results I’m seeking, and the metabolic days are definitely a bit more intense.

This schedule, and trying to fit 3 sessions each at 2 locations has me doubling up on Fridays, since there are only early Saturday morning group classes, and I’m not a morning person. I have no issue with this idea, and have determined that it’s just me finishing the week strong. For week 3 specifically, I’m one activity away from a full week, so I’ll be hitting the treadmill soon.

Screenshot of Michael's Fitbit activity log.

Future plans

I have already started thinking about what to do after this challenge has concluded in mid-November. Unless something changes, my current plans are to continue with the duel-memberships, though with some reduced volume.

I feel that the seeds were planted at the end of summer that I wanted something a bit more social, and less limited/solo. I believe that’s why I ended up taking so well to the class structure, which I am continuing with now. So my current plans are to stay the course with Ned and keep at it with him with the weights side of things. I would also stick with Complete Fitness for two days a week with a mix of metabolic and semi-private classes. I’m sure I’ll also fit in moments of steady-state cardio like treadmills, but let’s be honest, they’re a bit boring.

One last detail that I want to give props for to Complete Fitness is that they have what I’m calling the “Titan Challenge” until I know the official name. From what I can determine, it’s a list of various exercise activities with tiered levels of accomplishment, with the highest tier being the “Titan”. They’ve basically gamified and provided target goals that someone can work towards to keep everyone motivated, improving, and also documenting personal records. I have no issue getting on board with that idea, and makes me want to get myself going with that challenge.

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