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I don’t publicly talk about it that much, but some may know that my mom passed away in late summer 2021. However, this post is not to get into that specific topic. Instead, it’s about continuing a tradition she had for the holiday season. For I don’t know how many years now, she would always gift my brother and I a humorous or meaningful in some way teeshirt to fit our personalities. In the past I had received ones based on coffee, beer, Game of Thrones, among other things. 2021 would be the first year in awhile that that was missed out on.

This year, while being a day late, I wanted to continue that tradition, even if it was on my own. Thus my post here. Below is the teeshirt that I just ordered to carry on, and given the topic of this blog, and how the end of my year has been, it feel very fitting.

Male t-shirt model wearing at shirt that says "IF & Coffee" with "IF" meaning Intermittent Fasting.
It’s a way of life.

Good ole Intermittent Fasting and Coffee. It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life.

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