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It’s time that I move on from Anytime Fitness. Something that’s been slowly in the process since last summer, but now will be completely.

There are multiple facets going on with the decision.

  1. Price. I’m working on reducing my routine spending, and $9.99/mo is definitely more appealing than the near $40 that I’m tied to with Anytime. It does not help that my reason for staying with Anytime was largely for cardio that I was not showing up for.
  2. Travel time. I am literally a couple blocks away from Crunch and travel time will be greatly reduced. This also adds in to cost spending, where I simply won’t be using as much gas to get there. The only downside to this one is that car podcast time will be reduced.
  3. Crunch membership won’t just be for cardio. It’s my understanding that Crunch staff don’t really mind if I work with Better Living from their facilities. This will be a big benefit to me because we’ll be able to access and use more machines and work in more variety and movement that we can’t necessarily achieve with the Heroic Fitness facilities. Plus as I have put it, let the Harrisburg kids use those facilities for their sports training most of the week and have me work elsewhere. We’re not planning on moving away from Heroic 100%. It’ll be more for our targeted upper/lower body days.

Anytime Fitness is forever going to be linked in my mind to my health journey and I’ll forever be grateful for my time there throughout the years and the people I’ve met along the way, but I’m ready to move on to locations.

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