Destination Summer 2024 Part 2

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As I type this, it is now April 3rd, which means as a followup to Destination Summer 2024, it’s time to flip from bulking to cutting. This means that I’m dialing down my macros a bit, which I have already implemented in my Cronometer account.

At some point earlier in the year, I did increase my macros to what was a total of 3023 calories. That would have been composed of 232g protein, 215g fats, and 40g-ish carbs.

For the cut, I am targeting a body weight of 230lbs, and I want to that to be comprised as much as I can from lean body mass, so I get to try and shed 20lbs of body fat in the next 8-12 weeks! For this, I have adjusted the fats calories down, but am largely keeping the proteins and carbs the same. Fats have been dialed down to 126g target. This should be interesting…perhaps I’ll have to go for leaner ground beef instead of 80/20. I have been doing a lot of cheese for snacks-ish food, and may cut back on that as well.

Who doesn’t like numbers.

I keep every InBody printout that I get, though I know I have some scans that were digital only for me (Thanks to the app). That said, here’s a break down between my scan on November 26th 2023, and March 30th 2024

Composition and Muscle-Fat analysis

Lean Body Mass181.2lbs188.9lbs
Skeletal Muscle Mass103.4lbs107.1lbs
Body Fat Mass66.0lbs64.1lbs

Obesity Analysis

Body Mass Index33.5 kg/m^234.3kb/m^2
Percent Body Fat26.7%25.4%

Segmental Lean Analysis

Right Arm10.27lbs10.43lbs
Left Arm10.41lbs11.02lbs
Right Leg27.84lbs29.39lbs
Left Leg27.23lbs28.59lbs

Call me crazy, but while these aren’t necessarily HUGE gains like I may have pictured in my head, but these are pretty nice gains. Both legs have presently shot up around 1.5lbs, and arms are largely stable, though I suspect some nagging issues with my left hand may have overcompensated. Nonetheless, I still feel this is the first real bulking attempt that I’ve made since becoming considerably more knowledgeable and well read on such topics, especially in the nutrition side, so not as large of gains aren’t a surprise.

Regardless, now it’s time to start shredding and see how low I can get that body fat mass and percentage, and perhaps start again with another bulking attempt towards the latter part of the summer.

Let’s go!

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