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As an extra followup to Sleep and various posts mentioning the topic of intermittent fasting, I’m trying out something new.

I’m going to begin trying to finish all of my macro intake for a calendar day by 7-7:30pm.

This is to give my body enough time to finish processing my food for the day, by the time that I get to my rough intended bed time of 10pm-11pm.

The idea being that what if my later eating is causing me to struggle to get to sleep. Also need to make sure I’m not consuming too much water leading up to bed time so that I have less risk of waking up in the middle of the night and restarting the process.

I’ve also purchased some over the counter blue light blocking glasses that I’ve been wearing throughout the day and in the evening while at home. I haven’t worn them out and about yet, because no blue light necessarily.

Picture of Michael wearing some orange translucent blue-light blocking glasses.
Dude, at least look excited or something.

Of course this also means I need to get back to being better at controlling alcohol intake which can definitely affect sleep quality.

Looking back at my Oura Ring Data (affiliate link), I am using Tuesday the 23rd of April as my baseline, where I had a sleep score of 72 aka “good” and a readiness score of 67 aka “fair”. That night, I put my attempts into play, and woke up on the 24th with scores of 73 sleep and 74 readiness. Repeated the process, after having a HIIT session that 24th, and woke up on the 25th with sleep score of 83, and readiness of 83. Definitely moving up.

As I type this, I’m getting ready to repeat once more, and we’ll see how things go. It was definitely an “off” day in terms of gym time, but I did get in a 30-ish minute walk outside, much to the delight of the PT. We’ll see how those scores look tomorrow.

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